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Tenant Testimonials

The feedback we receive from our tenants each year is highly valued and helps us to continue to improve upon our high level of service. Wish to leave feedback? Get in touch with us today using the contact form below.



Francesca – Great Western Street

“Awesome place and wonderful staff, the apartment was beyond expectations. Thank you, Beech Properties, for everything.”

Bethan – Great Western Street

“Lovely Staff! Beautiful apartment, thoroughly enjoyed living here.”



Poppy – Crofton Street

““Amazing property team who always responded to any requests we had and took amazing care of the property throughout my stay, Thank you! 😊””

Catherine – Ruskin Avenue 

“The team were always really friendly, if we had any issues at all they were easy to contact for help. The flat was perfect for what we needed.”

Polly – Ruskin Avenue 

“The beech properties team have been amazing. Very quick replies by email and really easy to talk to. Really positive experience with them”

Bradley – Claremont Road

“Lovely property in a lovely area. Perfect for whilst I was at Uni”


Emily – Kippax Street

“We had a really good year spent in our student home. The staff were really helpful, including the maintenance team.”

Joe – Kippax Street

“It was nice having the agency so close, It was great being able to move straight from one house to the next.”

Rebecca – Maine Road

“It was a great experience living in Rusholme, with lots of things to do nearby and an easy walk to uni.”

Olivia – East Road

“Thank you so much for having us, its been an incredible year in an incredible home.”

Dianne – Ruskin Avenue

“We’d like to thank Beech Properties for being outstanding landlords all year and we’re all deeply saddened to leave!”

Robert – Ruskin Avenue

“We’d like to thank Beech Properties for being outstanding landlords all year and we’re all deeply saddened to leave!”


Katie – Deramore Street

“Beech Properties are always helpful and our problems are sorted as soon as possible.”

Safiya – Acomb Street

“Very quick response to any issues that we had. Overall, it was a lovely and smooth tenancy.”

Jaya – Eileen Grove

“Beech Properties were pleasant to rent from. Nice property and amazing maintenance service.”

Sarah – Acomb Street

“The flat was lovely and I’ve had a great year there. All of the facilities were great and it was low maintenance all year…”

Khairunnisa – Ossory Street

“Maintenance system was efficient. The house was affordable yet comfortable to live in.”

Sachin – Ruskin Avenue

“Everything was really professional – any problems were dealt with very swiftly.”


Hayley – 6 bed, Haydn Avenue

“The team are very helpful and the maintenance team have really gone above and beyond.”

Charlotte – 7 bed, Ossory Street

“In general Beech Properties has been excellent and I would recommend them to other students.”

Sarah – 3 bed, Carlton Avenue

“Great company and maintenance team. I have used this company before – a very happy tenant.”

Dylan – 3 bed, Ossory Street

“Fun, enjoyable and safe experience. It was easy moving in and out. Affordable and very clean.”

Malgorzata – 3 bed, St Bees Close

“Communication with the staff was lovely. Landlords clearly understand student problems.”

Rebecca – 4 bed, Haydn Avenue

“Brilliant staff, really did a lot for us. We were lucky to have you and are sad to leave!”


Samantha – 7 bed, Ruskin Avenue 

“The property is perfect for students, it is in a nice quiet area and has anything needed close by. The staff have always been very helpful during my time here, taking care of all problems and answering any questions I had.”

Marianna – 2 bed, Haydn Avenue

“All the staff were lovely and helpful throughout my time with Beech Properties. The house I stayed in was very high standard, and whenever there was a problem the maintenance team were quick to help. Thank you for a great stay.” 

Richard – 4 bed, Claremont Road 

“I was very happy with my time with Beech Properties, and would have definitely stayed if I didn’t get subsided rent with my new job next year. I would strongly advise anybody looking for a house to be dealt with by Beech Properties.”


Hassan – 2 bed, Lancaster House

“My relationship with Beech Properties has been stronger than it has been with previous landlords. The service is prompt and professional, be it in terms of administration, maintenance or non-working hours support.”

 Glory – 8 bed, Crofton Street

“The property was spacious enough to cater our needs, and my room was a good size- fitted a double bed with enough room left to work. We received prompt and excellent maintenance service when required.”

Mirza – 3 bed, Ossory Road

“Very helpful staff and a great property with no trouble. If anything broke, maintenance was on it straight away. No hassle, easy transition over two years and two different properties. Friendly and organised, sorted bills and rent easily.”


Dominic – 6 bed, Ruskin Avenue

“The cleanliness of the house was very good and it was newly painted when we first moved in. Kitchen appliances were modern. No complaints.”

Victoria – 7 bed, Cyril Street

“Thank you for being great landlords for the last two years in Manchester and all your help especially when alarms went off when I was home alone! & for fixing things.” 

Melissa – 7 bed, Ossory Street

“I really loved this property. The house itself is modern and homely simultaneously. The best thing about living here was the maintenance team, always friendly and happy to help.” 

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